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Wheeling Out The Latest Technology

Illawarra Mercury

Saturday September 2, 2006


MAXPOWER Performance Cycles of Bellambi has introduced a new concept in motorcycle repairs and servicing to Wollongong.

The year-old business has installed a Dynojet dynamometer - a diagnosis tool that looks like a large treadmill - to get the maximum performance out of a bike.

"We place the bike up on the Dynojet, we put a couple of sensors on it and then we run the bike in conditions that simulate the road," said Steve Schweigler, who owns the firm with Natalie Riley.

"It gives us readings mainly on how rich or lean the bike is going. It pinpoints at what rev range it has trouble."

Mr Schweigler said the days were gone when customers would come in with flat spots on their bikes and he was not able to recreate the situation where it had occurred.

"This quickly tells you exactly what is going on," he said.

Mr Schweigler said the tool also helped him work on the newer fuel-injected bikes.

He can simply plug in a computer and re-program the fuel injection map online.

MaxPower Performance Cycles doesn't sell bikes, it specialises in servicing.

The firm deals in parts, accessories, motorcycle repairs and customisations.

Mr Schweigler previously worked for a motorcycle repair shop in Sydney but decided to bring his 15 years of experience and knowledge closer to home and open his own business last year.

The business is located at 1/33 Bellambi Lane, Bellambi.

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